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I have a strong background in reading dog behavior and training them as well as horses. This has been apart of me since I was little making me well rounded in many areas. I currently have a german shepherd that means the world to me. I continue to train him every day. He is 1.5 years old and not a typical shepherd. He is very submissive and calm making him one of a kind.

My Grooming Method:

I have experience with reading dog behaviors and handling dogs with behavior issues such as aggressive dogs, dogs with severe anxiety, and many who never been to a groomer before. My number one goal with each dog is to make them feel as comfortable and confident as they possibly can. This is the key to having any service done because without gaining their respect and trust nothing can get accomplished.

I never have someone else's dog in the groom room at the same time as your dog. Your appointment is your appointment. It's important to me to keep 100% of my attention and focus on them. Not only does it keep the pups happy, but it keeps there anxiety down, and builds a better foundation of trust for future services.

Your dog always comes first and what works for one dog doesn't always work with the other. Understanding this is so important. Being well rounded in animal behavior and training helps me be the best groomer I can be.

​Call me today! Whether you want an appointment or if you just have a question on grooming your pooch at home please don't hesitate to give me a call!

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